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 Identify A Type Fine to Touch to Press to Feel
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Description: Even without flesh and blood, it's still exciting. A autopsy is the "moon landing" of the human body, and announces the arrival of a scientific and rational age, and organ models are an artifice employed by rationality. They eliminate the emotional response that may be generated by flesh and blood, they are exceedingly clean, a lifeless form used to examine our flesh-and-blood bodies, as well as the parts hidden below the skin that are impossible to analyze. My technique is to find a way to take rationality and turn it into a tool for producing feeling, for inducing a sensation in part of the body-a complete image of a bodily sensation. I call my technique "micro-high artificial limb." What it displaces, what it corrects, is not a deficiency in the body's function. Rather it borrows scientific imagery and computer-generated 3D effects to undertake a "sensory correction" , which involves making an adjustment to the rational in order to gain the emotional. Award:2007 Taipei Arts Award Grand Prize Edition: 6

Identify A Type Fine to Touch to Press to Feel

Medium: Digital Print
Dimensions: 120 x 160 cm
Year: 2007

Price: 0 (unframed)


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