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 Red No.3
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Description: Zhang Peng is still in his 20’s yet has received global acclaim for his photographs and paintings. A passing viewer best summed up his works as “hello kitty girls meet the devil.” It is that severe but definitely not that simple. Peng’s harsh images of young girls in suggestive settings is not unique because it avoids trends but rather because it utilizes many of them, employing a precise recipe. Shock art isn’t new, nor is the exploration of innocence and exploitation. Neither is art that depicts China’s national obsession with all things Western. But in his combination Peng does something right. It’s violent, fascinating, and appealing. It is art that will make you ponder. Edition of 8.

Red No.3

Medium: C-print
Year: 2007
Dimensions: 84 x 200cm

Price: 0 (unframed)


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